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Rehabilitation with TargitFit Pro Trainer

The TargitFit Pro Trainer is an excellent rehabilitation device for use at home, or in the orthopedic and sports clinic. With flexible positioning, and variable resistance bands, the TargitFit Pro Trainer safely strengthens muscles. For rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, the TargitFit Pro Trainer can place each joint in the correct position to safely maximize muscle strengthening without improperly stressing other joint structures.

man workout on gymThe TargitFit Pro Trainer’s variable resistive bands allow a gradual progression of resistance to protect and properly rehabilitate muscles and joints following an injury or surgical procedure. As a home training device, The TargitFit Pro Trainer will enhance home exercise program compliance and improve outcomes.

The TargitFit Pro Trainer can also help prevent common injuries to the knee, lumbar spine, and shoulder. It can specifically rehabilitate the shoulder following rotator cuff injuries and impingement syndromes. The TargitFit Pro Trainer allows proper positioning and resistance for progressive rotator cuff and scapular stabilization training and strengthening.

With the TargitFit Pro Trainer, lower extremity strengthening is easily accomplished using open or closed kinetic chain programs to properly rehabilitate hip and ankle weakness, and patellar tracking dysfunctions.

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The TargitFit Pro Trainer allows patients flexible range of motion and mobility parameters to ideally position joints and muscles for a functional progression of exercises during spine rehabilitation, or sports training.

Dynamic lumbar stabilization, core strengthening, and lower extremity proprioception training is easily integrated into the TargitFit Pro Trainer’s exercise programs.