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The portable gymIf you’re always on the road and never home, the TargitFit Pro Trainer easily stores in the trunk or back seat of your car. Take your work out with you wherever you go. If you stay in a hotel or motel, you’ll be able to work out right in the privacy and convenience of your own room, saving you the time of looking for a near-by health club and the cost of paying to use one once you locate it.

If you’re athletic and find yourself traveling a lot, staying fit is very important no matter what sport you play. Now you have a portable gym that will allow you to keep your competitive edge over the opposition.

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Truck drivers will benefit from the TargitFit Pro Trainer, as well. They are always away from home—sometimes for weeks on end. This inconvenience of the job doesn’t have to result in becoming over weight and unfit. Now truck drivers can travel with the TargitFit Pro Trainer. It stores easily no matter what type of truck you drive, and can even be used in most sleepers. If not, work out in the back of your truck or along side one of your favorite stops on the road.